We’re All Going on a Summer Holiday

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We’re All Going on a Summer Holiday

We know that everyone has been busy catching up with long-seen friends and family so far this year and it certainly feels like 2022 is flying by... so now that travel restrictions are lifted, it’s time to take a look at what’s usually the main event of the year - the summer holidays.

Here are some of the ONEE suggestions for the best summer holiday destinations in Europe in 2022 for your clients, complete with our experts insights on what you can expect there, of course, where to stay.

Marbella, Spain

Best for: Escaping to the summer sun for a chic seaside-city break

One of the shining gems on the Costa Del Sol, Marbella is the epitome of summer holidays and coastal city vibes - making it one of the ultimate summer sun destinations in Europe. With plenty of sunshine to go around, a beautiful collection of sandy beaches and beach clubs, plus a brilliant music festival with top performers in the July heat - there’s no shortage of things to keep you entertained in Marbella.

It’s also one of the best destinations for couple’s retreats and holidays with friends; with temperatures in the summer of around 28°C, you’ll be able to soak up some of that well-earned sun on the beach as the Andalusian landscape envelopes you.

Must see in Marbella?

Check out the Starlite festival held every year across the summer months for fantastic music performances, DJ sets and gourmet menus at the restaurants and gastro-spaces.

A summer holiday is never complete without relaxation time on the beach. Marbella has plenty to choose from, with golden sands, lapping Mediterranean waters and sand dunes.

Where to stay in Marbella?

Villa La Playa

Villa La Playa, Marbella. Sleeps 10 / 5 bedrooms.

French Riviera, France

Best for: A classic and elegant summer holiday in Europe, perfect for yachting and beach clubs

When you think of European cities for a summer break, St. Tropez on the French Riviera should be on your list. Between Marseille and Nice on the southern coast of France sits this small yet luxurious town. Walk the narrow cobbled streets, visiting beautiful boutique stores and glimpsing the blue water as you stroll in the comfortable 23°C sunshine.

If you want to explore the south of France a little more, you could take a road trip to Nice for the day. For the ultimate all-relaxing holiday with a touch of glamour, spend time in the charming town of St. Tropez and sun yourself on the stunning beaches in the area.

Must see in the French Riviera?

Once upon a time, St. Tropez was a fishing town. Now, its transformed into a sleek marina and a popular spot for people-watching, sipping on a coffee in a café or visiting the herb fish markets.

One of the famed activities that St. Tropez is known for, we couldn’t leave out yachting. To see the best of the Mediterranean, you’ll want to cruise out onto the water on one of the luxury yachts that are moored in St. Tropez. Spend family time on the water, take in the sights and savour the delicious delicacies of France as you go!

Where to stay on the French Riviera?

Maison La Poste

Maison La Poste, Mougins. Sleeps 12 / 6 bedrooms.

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Halkidiki, Greece

Best for: Families that love to explore and relax together in a sunny Grecian paradise.

Here’s something a little different in Greece for 2022, not an Island but on a beautiful peninsula off the mainland ... sunny Halkidiki. If you’re going to spend your summer holiday enjoying time on the beach with your family, this will be the perfect destination for you.

Greece is famous for its turquoise water, and Halkidiki doesn’t let us down on this front. The craggy outcrops of land are topped by verdant green foliage, which leads down to the calm waters and beloved sandy beaches of this family favourite.

Must see in Halkidiki?

Toroni Beach is a long stretch of quiet natural beauty. The coarse golden sands and calm waters make this a perfect trip for you and your family.

Petralona Caves is a haven for fossil lovers; you can take a guided tour through the cave system and marvel at the stalagmites and stalactites that litter the area. Kids will absolutely adore this trip out, so keep this place in mind if you intend to travel to Europe this summer.

Where to stay in Halkidiki?

Villa Kalimera

Villa Kalimera, Halkidiki. Sleeps 4 / 2 bedrooms.

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Ibiza, Spain

Best for: A mix of quiet pockets and vibrant nightlife in one of the top summer holiday destinations in Europe.

The iconic party island of Ibiza should always be on any best European summer holiday list. Whether you’re looking for bustling nightlife spots in Ibiza town or you want to spend time exploring the beautiful scenery on the Balearic Islands, there’ll be something that takes your fancy in here.

For those who want to rest and relax in a serene environment, stay away from the noise of Ibiza Town or San Antonio. Instead, head to some of the beautiful beaches dotted across the island including Pou des Lleo beach for water sports like snorkelling, or head inland for some hiking up to the highest point on the island. In the 26°C heat (on average) there’ll be more than enough sun to soak up as you traverse the island.

Must see in Ibiza?

Take a day trip across to Formentera to enjoy the white sandy beaches reminiscent of the Caribbean or hire a moped or e-bike to travel around the smallest of the Balearic Islands. If you like to do walking on your holidays, you can traverse to La Mola for stunning views of the bay.

Head out to the water for a catamaran cruise. Watching the sunrise or sunsets from the water is a special experience not to be missed.

Where to stay in Ibiza?

Villa El Verano

Villa El Verano, Ibiza. Sleeps 8 / 4 bedrooms.

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Bodrum, Turkey

Best for: Couples looking to spend time together whilst enjoying a little Turkish escape

What is Bodrum like?

Bodrum is a coastal town on the southern coast of Turkey. It looks out to the glittering Aegean Sea and has some fabulous sunsets that glow a beautiful pink on the horizon. Bodrum is a town with a bit of a buzz; it has ample amounts of nightlife, fantastic Turkish food (try Manti, similar to mini tortellini, or Börek, thin filo pastry with delicious cheese) and brilliant hammams for total relaxation.

With an average summer temperature of 30°C, you’ll want to spend a lot of time soaking up the warmth of the sun and taking dips in the sea to cool off. Another great way to spend the day is taking a boat trip out to explore the Aegean, and you could also hop across to the Greek islands of Kos or Rhodes from Bodrum.

Must see in Bodrum?

A fun way to visit the Turkish coastline and waters is by Gulet. These sailing vessels tend to have a small number of cabins and are brilliant for private romantic moments on the water. There are plenty of vessels that offer five-star cuisine, and you’ll have the opportunity to make unforgettable memories as you glide through the sea.

Being by the water means that water sports are common, and there are some great locations close to Bodrum for scuba diving and windsailing in particular. For diving, you’ll be able to see through the turquoise waters to the marine wildlife, including the coral beds.

Where to stay in Bodrum?

Villa Lavender

Villa Lavender, Bodrum. Sleeps 10 / 5 bedrooms.

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