Vacation Rental Property Managers

ONEE Luxury Travel aims to increase distribution efficiency of high-end vacation rental properties through our distribution platform. Providing global exposure to a vetted and exclusive Travel Agent network, Property Managers have access to a ready to book, high-net-worth, sophisticated, and affluent client base. ONEE, unlike other portals, allows Property Managers to play a more active role. Most notably, our portal gives them the ability to set dynamic Travel Agent commission rates for each of their properties to improve listing performance without reducing the headline rental figure.

ONEE’s portal provides unrivalled software management capabilities to Property Managers including the ability to integrate their existing booking management systems using API connectivity, gain access to in-account messaging, and view a customized dashboard that helps track revenue.

Some of the unique features that ONEE provides are:

  • Customise commission rates for each property listing (rates are agile and can be adjusted based on seasonality).
  • Invite additional users on your team to assist with the platform and restrict access where necessary.
  • Dynamic communication with Travel Agents via a private and secure messaging application.
  • Statistic management: an in-account calendar and dashboard allow Property Managers to track all their reservations, revenue, invoices, reviews and listing performances.
  • View, edit and add property listings.
  • Manage availability, enable instant booking and edit seasonal pricing.
  • Feature off-market properties to only a handpicked selection of Platinum and Platinum+ level subscribed Travel Agents.

In order to gain access to ONEE’s platform, Property Managers are required to register and qualify as professional managers. Registration is free and ONEE offers a competitively low distribution fee of 5% on each booking.

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