Health & Safety Charter

We are committed to ensuring that our properties adhere to local health and safety regulations and that standards are maintained to prevent accidents and illnesses. We achieve this by devoting adequate time and resources to the implementation of our Safety Management System, auditing our properties using independent travel safety consultants, monitoring incidents and client feedback, training our staff and periodically reviewing the policy and Emergency Plan.

We provide information on our properties, including 24/7 emergency contact numbers, and a destination guide prior to departure. Additional property-specific safety features will be available at the property in a guest information pack and whilst every effort has been made to ensure that adequate safety provisions are in place, any concerns should be raised with the property manager on or shortly after arrival.

We encourage all guests to also take responsibility for their own safety whilst in house. On arrival, get to know your surroundings and take into account the following advice, which covers the main safety areas to be aware of:


  • Always lock doors, windows, shutters and any perimeter gates when the villa is unoccupied, at night, or when guests are at the property but away from the building (e.g. by the pool or on the terrace)
  • Keep valuables hidden/safe and if the villa is equipped with an intruder alarm system, guests must ensure it is enabled when leaving the property
  • Make sure external lights are working correctly and check there is a secondary source of light in the event of a power failure

Fire safety

  • If a fire is discovered, guests should raise the alarm with the local emergency services as soon as possible
  • Ensure that all guests are accounted for and if there is no identified meeting point, congregate a safe distance away from the building until the emergency services arrive
  • All guests should familiarise themselves with the nearest exit point from the building, both from the living areas and bedrooms, bearing in mind that the final exit door may need unlocking prior to escape
  • Adults should familiarise themselves with the location and operating instructions of fire-fighting equipment provided (e.g. fire extinguishers and/or fire blankets), however escaping the building in the event of a fire should always be the first priority

Fuel & Electrical Safety

  • Fuel-burning appliances such as gas water heaters, gas cooker tops, gas fires, log burning stoves and open fires will have assessed during our auditing process. Carbon monoxide detectors should be installed in guest bedrooms where there is a fuel-burning appliance and if this is not the case, you should contact the property manager immediately
  • If any guests are suffering from a dull headache, weakness, dizziness, nausea or vomiting, shortness of breath and/or confusion, they may have been exposed to carbon monoxide and should seek urgent medical attention
  • If you smell gas, extinguish all flames, open all doors and windows, then vacate the building and contact the property manager
  • Care should be taken when lighting log-burning stoves, internal open fires, external fire pits or coal/wood BBQs. If a BBQ/grill is provided, instructions should be followed for its safe use and they should never be housed indoors, during or after use
  • Check all electrical plugs to ensure they are in good condition and do not overload plug sockets with your own devices

Children’s Safety

  • Where we have been made aware of specific risks for young children, these are detailed in the property documentation
  • Generally, particular care should be taken by parents/guardians to ensure that young children are not exposed to:
    • Balconies, walkways, pathways, terraces and decks with falls or steep drops. Decorative or low railings/walls and horizontal bars are common, however these do not provide sufficient protection for young children or the design reduces the effective height of the balustrade. Parents should ensure that any gates in place to prevent young children accessing dangerous areas of the property are closed at all times
    • Swimming pools/Jacuzzis. Children should be supervised in/around the pools/Jacuzzis at all times and the general safety advice on swimming pools should be adhered to
    • Full length glass doors/windows. Where there are no warning stickers at child eyeline height, additional care should be taken to ensure that children do not inadvertently collide with the glass
    • Furniture provided by the property (e.g. high chairs, cots and bunk beds) should be checked to ensure they are safety assembled before use

General Safety

  • It is advisable to take extra care and attention of the layout of the villa, its gardens, grounds and facilities as these will be an unfamiliar environment, especially for children
  • Full length glass doors/windows. Where there are no warning stickers at adult and/or eyeline height, additional care should be taken to ensure that guests do not inadvertently collide with the glass
  • Care should be taken near balconies and on exterior terraces, decks, patios, steps and walkways. Additional care should be taken when these areas are wet, either due to inclement weather or those in close proximity to the swimming pool/Jacuzzis
  • Make sure bunk beds are built securely and that when using Murphy (fold-down) beds or fold-away beds, that instructions are followed for their safe use and storage
  • If there is a First Aid kit in the property, check that it is adequately stocked

Swimming Pools & Jacuzzis

  • Guests should familiarise themselves with the depth of the pool prior to entering the water. Pool depth markings will either be positioned around the edge or close by the pool, and/or detailed in the information pack
  • Particular care should be taken by all guests prior to diving or jumping into the water (if permitted), if the pool has a diving board or slide, or there are any objects under the surface of the water, e.g. pool bar stools, seats or ledges
  • Sudden depth changes should be identified and guests should take note of these, particularly when supervising children
  • It is recommended that guests should not swim under the influence of alcohol or immediately after food and additional care should be taken if guests wish to swim after dark
  • Running around the edge of all pools and climbing up or standing on the edge of infinity pools is strongly discouraged, as is using inflatables in infinity pools
  • Any concerns regarding the cleanliness of the pool water should be reported to the property manager
  • Jacuzzis should have been cleaned and the water treated with chemicals prior to guests’ arrival. Safety information will be displayed near the Jacuzzi or in the guest information pack, including the water temperature and maximum usage details, that young children, pregnant women, or those with high blood pressure/heart disease should not use the Jacuzzi and how to shut off the power in an emergency


  • As part of our safety assessment, we will check that adequate cleaning procedures are in place, including for protecting guests against COVID-19
  • Should the property not be clean on arrival, guests should contact the property manager