Trade-only Rental Site ONEE Launches

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Trade-only Rental Site ONEE Launches

A new online booking platform for luxury rental properties claims to be leading a “distribution revolution” as it commits to working exclusively with travel agents.

Onee Luxury Travel is purely for the trade and lists hundreds of high-end home rentals around the globe. The company won’t take bookings direct and will encourage customers to contact agents for all enquiries.

While consumers can access parts of the website, all booking and query functionalities, and most of the inventory, is hidden and only available to registered agents. The platform shows agents the commission rates for each property, with the majority listed at between 10% and 15%. Onee founder Onur Takmak said commission fluctuates due to availability, incentives and promotions, and property price point. He said commission ranges between 5% and 40% and rates are set by the rental property manager. The platform allows agents to search and shortlist their favourite properties, and enables them to mark up prices before sending quotes to clients.

Takmak described Onee Luxury Travel as leading a “distribution revolution”, insisting that many private rental companies had “ignored travel agents1 over the years.

“Agents are a very important part of the chain and we are acknowledging this by our offering and want agents to know that we appreciate what they do,” he said.