Onur Takmak - Founder and Chief Executive Officer of ONEE Luxury Travel

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Onur Takmak - Founder and Chief Executive Officer of ONEE Luxury Travel

I expect people will opt for more isolated escapes that are lesser-known or populated and can promise comfort, security and safety. Private stand-alone villas, estates and private islands will be popular as they offer tranquillity and peace of mind, all the while guaranteeing high-quality standards, service and safety measures.

I expect more people than ever to seek advisory assistance when planning trips for the year ahead, even those who may have booked and travelled independently before will start to lean on the expertise of industry experts. Travel experts and advisors will be key in helping people navigate new and potentially continually changing regulations and situations, which of course, differ from destination to destination. Tailor-made stays organised by industry experts promise luxurious escapes in high-end accommodation with plenty of amenities, high-quality standards, and safety precautions.

Well-advised travel has never been so important in my opinion and working with an agent or tour operator helps assure that your bases are covered in the event of an emergency on the ground or cancellations that may need to be made. As telecommuting has become the norm, working from abroad has never been so appealing or easy. We have already seen a huge uptick in extended vacations – particularly long-term villa rental holidays and I would expect this to be another key trend continuing throughout the year.”