Exclusive Travel Tips According to Experts

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Exclusive Travel Tips According to Experts

Where do you plan to travel in 2021 and why?

“While travel will likely continue to look different in 2021, I am steadfastly optimistic that we will see a re-insurgence of personal travel in the coming months. When looking at where to travel in 2021, a huge factor is considering how to minimise the risks of exposure. Like many, this coming year I find myself opting for more isolated escapes that are lesser known or populated and can promise comfort, security and safety. For me, private stand-alone villas, estates and private islands promise tranquillity and peace of mind, all the while guaranteeing high quality standards, service and safety measures. Personally, I can’t wait to get back to Greece, Barbados & Scandinavia with a handful of close family and friends.”

What are these hotels/countries offering that makes it a safe choice? Would you travel should you need to quarantine on your return?

“There are several considerations that travelling will require for the foreseeable future, including methods of travel and which destinations have kept cases down, have good healthcare systems and measures in place for testing. Obviously, it is important to continue to follow government announcements around new travel restrictions and corridors. That said, as telecommuting becomes the norm, working from abroad has never been so appealing (or easy). We have already seen a huge uptick in extended vacations – particularly long-term villa rental holidays – made even easier in some countries with the introductions of new short-term working visas. Frankly, if I can go to Mexico for a month and continue to work, why not? Regardless of whether or not there is a 14-day quarantine upon return to the UK.”

What are your top tips for travel in 2021?

“I would advise that when planning your next trip for 2021, you seek advisory assistance. Tailor-made stays organised by industry experts promise luxurious escapes in high-end accommodation with plenty of amenities, high-quality standards, and safety. Well-advised travel has never been so important in my opinion and working with an agent or tour operator helps assure that your bases are covered in the event of an emergency on the ground or cancellations need to be made prior to departure.”